Power Washing with EchoHousePainting: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure (B. Franklin)

Houses, and buildings in general, aim to shelter us from changeable weather conditions and protect from other phenomena. Owning a house has become a norm, along with maintenance works that the buildings require regularly.

One of the simplest and most efficient ways to keep the entire residential house or office clean regularly is by contracting a power washing company. Power washing is the process of removing damaging agents such as dirt, mildew, mold, dirt and other agents from the exterior walls of the building by using hot water power jet. Along with cleaning, power washing is also an essential step taken before any exterior house painting for the best quality outcome.

Reaching out for professionals who offer house washing services to avoid potential damages to any surface, should be your next norm to implement.

How can pressure washing services help you:

  • CLEAN. Your home exterior is constantly exposed to damaging agents such as extreme weather conditions, dirt, insects, pollutants. These don’t only affect your home’s appearance but could be potentially dangerous for your health.
  • PROTECT. Exterior house cleaning services also prevent permanent damages to surfaces. If grime or mold is left unchecked for a long time, it can turn into permanent damaging. Protect your home or business from the beginning.
  • PREVENT. Instead of wasting time and money on repairing it, why not to spend a considerably less amount for pressure washing cost by preventing and maintaining the residential house instead? After all, as Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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Power washing is the most cost-efficient way to clean a building’s exterior (the average cost of pressure washing a house is around 300$), and so it should become part of your maintenance routine. Also, if you regularly wash the exterior of the house, you can make the paint last longer by at least three years. This leads to the question: how often should you power wash your house? The real answer is that there is no fixed number of times. It depends on the situation, but generally, once or twice a year should be enough. If you plan on painting your house exterior or if you intend to sell it, the exterior would look much better if it will be fresh and clean of mildew or mold.

In what cases do you need this service?

  • Esthetic and clean environment. Cleaning the residential house once in a while is a good habit. It helps to maintain the house in the long term: colors return to normal, and dirt and stains are being removed.
  • Healthy is wealthy. Power cleaning helps get rid of health-damaging agents like dirt, insects, birds, and other pollutants. Cleaning it regularly helps increase the chances of staying healthy by avoiding any negative impact of the above-mentioned agents. Moreover, power washing your house or office reduces the chances of getting allergic to any new substances.
  • Prevention and maintenance. Maintenance works are welcome for any house or office owner who wants to keep the value of the asset long term. Professional cleaning by power washing from mold spores, dust, pollen prevents the house from decaying in the long term and maintains its quality for ages. It’s widely known that if grime or mold is left unchecked for a long period, they can permanently damage the house’s exterior.

Our team will ensure that the exterior of your house will look as good as new after the works. You just need to sit back and relax while we do our job. We can guarantee that the results will live up to your expectations!




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