Preparation is a key aspects of exterior painting if you desire long-lasting results. Pressure washing is essential in the process for exterior paint to adhere properly and last longer. Before painting the outside of your property, our exterior house painters in Weston will need to pressure wash it first for better results.

Professional exterior house painters in Weston say that is  critical to have a clean surface before painting

Your home’s facade may appear clean, but that does not imply that it is. On the surface, there is most likely dust, filth, mildew, and other buildups. The surface must be as clean as possible in order for the primer and paint to adhere properly and last as long as feasible.

Pressure washing is an effective method for removing buildup and ensuring perfect paint application. While it may be tempting to skip the cleaning procedure, painters would be doing you a great disservice if they did.

Our professional exterior house painters in Weston always suggest pressure wash before painting the exterior of your home. With our team you can kill two birds with one stone! See all of our house renovation services on the website!

Advantages of professional pressure washing

Our professional house painters in Weston understand how to pressure wash, prepare, repair, and paint your property. This is not a do-it-yourself project. The best solution is to hire a professional company, like ours.

Professional painters from Echohousepainting have the skills and training to work with industrial pressure washers. We know which cleaning chemicals to use, if any, and when and where to employ them. We also understand which machine attachments to use and how to use the pressure hose without damaging the surface while cleaning.

A professional power washer has up to 50 times the force of a standard hose. It offers more efficient and high-quality cleaning. It should only be handled by an experienced person to avoid personal harm or significant damage to your home’s facade!

The surface must be completely dry before priming. If primer is aplyed when there is moisture on the surface, it will be degraded and flake prematurely. Another reason to engage skilled exterior house painters in Weston for your home.

Pressure washing and house painting with our exterior house painters in Weston

When it comes time to paint the outside of your home, don’t skimp on the procedure. Our expert workers in Weston are qualified and skilled in pressure washing to ensure a quality and long-lasting paint finish. Please contact us to arrange for a free project estimate!

It is vital that you keep up with their home’s exterior painting. Waiting too long to repaint or repair an exterior might cost you a lot of money in unnecessary repairs. Paint is more than simply a decorative element. It serves to conceal the surface to which it is applied, sealing it and protecting it from the environment.

The surface underneath the paint may be jeopardized if it is chipped, peeling,  or otherwise damaged. This can result in wood decay or water incursion into your home’s outside surface – and, if left unattended for too long, water can make its way inside. Ignoring minor fixes nearly often leads to larger issues.

Looking for pressure washing and painting services in Weston? Call us!

Before we begin painting, we may carefully evaluate your home’s exterior, clean it and make any required repairs. A good prep work will extend the life of the paint job and save you money in the long term.

We only use the best quality paint and prep supplies in Massachusetts since they safeguard your home’s exterior. Using high-quality materials will guarantee 7 years long lasting results for our projects. Paint, especially high-quality paint, functions as a protective coat, sealing the exterior of your property and protecting it from the elements. It also reduces the likelihood of your paint chipping or peeling.

Regular maintenance and professional paint jobs will make a considerable impact in the overall quality of your home’s exterior. Need a new exterior? Call us now at 781-403-4809 to discuss about our offers and then  let’s schedule the time for your house makeover! Start the year with a new exterior!

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