Looking for a professional painter? Echohousepainting offers you the possibility of receiving various quotes for painting services for the interior of your property, free of charge. Below you can see the different services that our professional team in Massachusettes offers. So that you have the latest decoration trends in your home or premises.

Do you need the services of an interior professional painter?

Remove or paste the wallpaper

Removing wallpaper from the walls of your property has several advantages. It opens up and brightens the look of the room, increases the resale value of the homes, modernizes the rooms or the decoration of the room is easier. However, thanks to the application of the wallpaper you will be able to cover those imperfections on the wall that would be very expensive to fix.

Repair and paint stucco

Removing stucco from a ceiling is quite a complex and time-consuming task. However, much of the stucco can be removed without the need for reconstruction if the task of a professional is relied upon. Keeping your stucco ceiling in good shape is very important. In addition, stucco paint improves the air quality of a home.

Whether you want to take of your wallpaper or paint stucco, you can rely on Echohousepainting!

Painting services of house and apartment interior professional painter in Massachusetts!

Painting the kitchen furniture

Painting kitchen furniture is the most cost-effective way to transform your kitchen. Kitchen remodels are long and complex jobs that generate great inconvenience. Thanks to the coat of paint, the investment in time will be much less. If you’ve ever thought about selling your home, one of the recommended areas to remodel is the kitchen.

We have a professional painter for everything, for the walls, for the house exterior, and the kitchen cabinets! Before he paints it, he makes sure that every crack is fixed in the cabinet. He is prepping the cabinets just like professionals prep the walls before painting. This way the results will last much more longer!

You can call us for a color consulting service for your kitchen! If you want to freshen up your kitchen anyway, make it trendy! Call us now!

Request price offer for professional interior painting services from Echohousepainting! Complete our form on the website and get a completely free estimate without any obligation!

interior house painting process

Have a trendy kitchen from a professional house painting company like Echohousepainting!

Paint the deck of your home

Painting the deck in your home is a task that often does not arise. However, if you want to leave the deck as new, it is one of the best solutions. If you have thought about giving your backyard a change, painting the deck is a good alternative if money is an impediment.

Besides the aesthetic, your deck should be also safe and sure. Because it is always on the outside, it can be damaged fast from different elements. Such as wind, snow, rain, sunlight, insects, etc. And if it is damaged, you have to be careful when stepping on it.

So let’s just not worry about where you place your foot in your own house! Call us to know, and let us do our deck restoration light carpentry work, for better bbq, family talks, and deep conversations!

Other services you can ask for at our house painting company, Echohousepainting:

Exterior painting: Besides interior painting, we also do exterior painting. We have worked with a lot of historic houses and buildings. And thanks to that we know how to work around fragile buildings like victorian houses.

Commercial painting: Yes, we do interior and exterior painting for commercial buildings as well. It could be a shop, dental or medical office, restaurant or a bar, it doesn’t matter. We can make any place look brand-new!

Power washing: Before we start any kind of exterior painting job, we clean the surface. We clean it from dirt, insects, and all kind of residues. That way we can achieve a smoother finish that will last longer. That is why we use power jets for. But also, we can use it just to clean your front or backyard too!

If you are curious about our other services, or if you need a professional painter for a job, call us!


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