With our exterior house painting services, we offer you the possibility to improve the aesthetics of your house and give it extra protection from weather elements. As you know, the damaged exterior of your house might bring additional harm to the inside of the house.

Before painting, we perform restoration actions for the surface which would be painted. For instance, we clean the wood surface with sand, apply chalk, remove damaged areas, and fill with new elements. We treat masonry surfaces from efflorescence, handle rust stains, repair and fix cracked areas. We make sure the surface is cleaned up for the application of the new paint.

The exterior painting services include a whole process that precedes and follows the painting itself. We remove old paint safely, help to select the color and paint, and thoroughly clean up after every job is completed. This allows us to focus on quality and give a 7-year guarantee to our work service. We paint and fix deck, garage, work on shingle painting, apply paint on vinyl and aluminum siding, window glazing, fascia or patio painting, etc.

We help you select suitable painting colors and quality so that you maintain your house’s authentic style and character. We work on painting the exterior of the different house types, among which American Colonial, Cape Cod, and Victorian houses.

house painting services MA


Deck restoration makes the top of light carpentry services, decks being the most affected by bad weather damaging conditions part of the house. Restoring the damaged part timely and applying paint right away shall keep it functional for long. Instead of replacing the whole damaged deck, with the newest technology, we perform deck restoration. We repair and replace the worn, cracked, and splintery deck. Upon applying the paint, it looks as if it has been built right now and will serve you for years.

deck repair and house painting services MA


We help you refresh your house in no time, using high-quality products for your home renovation. We help you assess the project, choose your color and design preferences, match it with the tone and style of your furniture. With the special ceiling paint and the best house paint, we change the interior of the house quickly and painlessly.

Refresh your house, make it more enjoyable with a new coat of high-quality paint!


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