Home Renovation Services

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting services to improve the appearance of your home and to protect it from damage by water, corrosion, insects and mould.

Interior Painting

Update the appearance of your home with fresh quality paint. Echohousepainting offers house painting services for a new interior of your home.

Deck Restoration

Get your deck cleaned and perfectly restored for the new season. Echohousepainting provides deck cleaning and maintenance services that will keep your deck in sound condition.

Commercial Painting

Our commercial painting services are sure to make your business new and inviting to your guests and employees. We add curb appeal and resale value to your property.

Power Washing - Gutters - Window Glazing

Power Washing

Pressure washing helps you to restore this beauty by reaching those far-fetched areas and taking out any type of dirt present.

Gutters and Downspouts

We often forget about our gutters until issues arise. When your gutters begin to back-up and leak, it can cause damage to your roof, fascia boards, siding, or the gutters themselves.

Window Glazing

Window glazing makes effective insulation to prevent draughts from entering the property through gaps and from energy being wasted by heat escaping through the windows.

Cabinet Refinishing and Refacing

The looks of your kitchen can be fully transformed with the help of cabinet refinishing and refacing services. Find out more about our kitchen cabinet refinishing services!



With our exterior house painting services, we offer you the possibility to improve the aesthetics of your house and give it extra protection from weather elements. As you know, the damaged exterior of your house might bring additional harm to the inside of the house.

Before painting, we perform restoration actions for the surface which would be painted. For instance, we clean the wood surface with sand, apply chalk, remove damaged areas, and fill with new elements. We treat masonry surfaces from efflorescence, handle rust stains, repair and fix cracked areas. We make sure the surface is cleaned up for the application of the new paint.

The exterior painting services include a whole process that precedes and follows the painting itself. We remove old paint safely, help to select the color and paint, and thoroughly clean up after every job is completed. This allows us to focus on quality and give a 7-year guarantee to our work service. We paint and fix deck, garage, work on shingle painting, apply paint on vinyl and aluminum siding, window glazing, fascia or patio painting, etc.

We help you select suitable painting colors and quality so that you maintain your house’s authentic style and character. We work on painting the exterior of the different house types, among which American Colonial, Cape Cod, and Victorian houses.

house painting services MA

Exterior house painting services

If you are not delighted with the way your home looks and feels, having your home painted is the best way to give your home a refreshment. We have great expertise in renovating homes in the Massachusetts area. Old or new, we offer exterior painting services that promote long-lasting results. Let us show you what an impact a new coat of paint can have on your home if it is applied correctly. We master the art of making homes stand out since we always enhance their best features.

We have worked with many home styles such as Victorian homes, Cape Cod, American Colonial, etc. We make houses look aesthetically appealing while keeping them in the key of their historical period. Besides, our exterior painting services give your home a new charming look while we also get you off all the damages. By using state-of-the-art techniques and high-quality services, we want to take your home’s story further.


deck repair and house painting services MA


We help you refresh your house in no time, using high-quality products for your home renovation. We help you assess the project, choose your color and design preferences, match it with the tone and style of your furniture. With the special ceiling paint and the best house paint, we change the interior of the house quickly and painlessly.

Refresh your house, make it more enjoyable with a new coat of high-quality paint!

The environment you live in defines you. Living in a charming and sanitary home is a priority for any respectable homeowner. We want to lessen all your interior problems with our long-lasting interior painting services. Our profound undertakings give your home a proper makeover.

We have an eye for every little detail. Our team’s vision and professionalism provide you with services that bring value to your everyday life. Making sure that you live in a safe and appealing home is our priority. We choose together the right colors and bring your home back to life. Our interior painting services are intended to maximize the potential of your home so that you can make the most out of it. Get in touch with us if you want to live in a well-maintained home that brings you joy. Old or new, we want to extend your beloved house’s life and create a place that you proudly call home.


When it comes to your business, you want to make sure that your customers don’t have second thoughts about using your services or products. We want to contribute to your success and help you live up to their expectations. Our commercial painting services are second to none. We provide services for restaurants, hotels, offices, shopping complexes, etc. We want not only to help you make a good impression on your customers but also to increase your revenue.

The first impression that your customers make about your company is about aesthetics. That’s why we make sure that they are provided with an excellent visual experience that they will never forget.

If you want to uplift your business, our commercial painting services help you gain potential customers and investors. Our team’s experience and desire to create custom spaces have contributed to our customers’ long-term success. Save your time and money while we will provide you with painting work that will bring long-lasting results.


Deck restoration makes the top of light carpentry services, decks being the most affected by bad weather damaging conditions part of the house. Restoring the damaged part timely and applying paint right away shall keep it functional for long. Instead of replacing the whole damaged deck, with the newest technology, we perform deck restoration. We repair and replace the worn, cracked, and splintery deck. Upon applying the paint, it looks as if it has been built right now and will serve you for years.

We know that for many of you the deck is a special place at your house where you create unforgettable memories. Unfortunately, this place is the most prone to deteriorating. Why have your deck replaced when you can have it restored? Our professionals use state-of-the-art deck restoration techniques that ensure protection from the bad weather damaging conditions for up to ten years.

Let us help you get rid of all the damages and provide you with a sanitary and charming place where you can enjoy your best time with the loved ones. Moreover, our works include soffit, fascia installation and repair, trim and molding, and also baseboards. We want to make sure that you can make the most out of your favorite place. That is why we make it look aesthetically pleasing and create a damage-free environment. Deck restoration services represent the most advantageous way that ensures a charming space into nature right within your home.


power washing Newton, MA

The perfect moments spent with your family right outside your home are defined by a sanitary and delightful house. Our power washing services ensure that the exterior of your home is clean and protected. We get you rid of all the damages that don’t just affect the aesthetics, but also your home’s functionality, such as mildew, mold, dirt, etc. This is the best way to prevent new ones from appearing as well.

Whether you want to increase your home’s value or just need to give it a refreshment, you can count on us. We have great experience in providing services for both old and new homes. Whether you want us to make your deck look brand new again or you want us to wash your walls, you can count on us. Power washing services are best for every respectable homeowner who wants to make his home look brand new again.


Do not neglect the needs of your house. Mainly when it comes to the roof, which is one of the most vulnerable parts of the exterior of your home that needs well-fitted gutters and downspouts.

With our gutters and downspouts services, we create an efficient rain carrier system, which directs the rain away from your siding, windows, doors, and foundation. Besides, turn to our professionals straight away if your gutters are clogged. This is a serious problem that doesn’t just affect your house, but your safety too. If you notice some dry-rot on fascia boards, soffit, or roof, do not neglect these problems because they can turn to permanent damages.

We are a lead certified team in renovating services for both old and new homes. Our services for gutters and downspouts are intended to provide you with long-lasting solutions that extend the life of your beloved home and also give you a safe and sanitary place to live in.


Our window glazing services are essential if you want to change the way your home looks and feels both inside and out. Why? We replace the glazing that wears down over time, which ensures you not only a charming look for your home but also that you have sufficient light inside.

Especially when it comes to old homes, tidy windows give them a feeling of refreshment and have the power to extend their life. We have a high interest in preserving the architecture of your home, whether you own an American Colonial, Gamble-front, Gambrel, Ranch, etc.

We use state-of-the-art techniques and high-quality materials that provide long-lasting solutions. The functional benefits of our window glazing are keeping or blocking out the heat and also keeping your windows safe. We have an eye for every little detail. Our contractors make sure to make your windows look neat and clean and that our services contribute to your everyday well-being.


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