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Looking for small wood repairs?

Do you usually slam the doors of your kitchen cabinets? Or maybe you have mold growing on them because they are in a wet environment? Or do you just have some old cabinets which should need some sanding and a fresh coat of paint? Well, Echohousepainting, besides the usual services, provides kitchen cabinet restoration and small wood repairs for your home. You don’t need to throw out your old furniture anymore. Or the kitchen cabinet because you slammed its door. We can save your precious furniture and your money too.

Our crew’s passion for their crafts ensures all restorations and repairs are of the highest quality so you can be proud of your old furniture again. Our experts can fix a range of damages, whether it’s a wood chip, a scratch or the frame of your favorite chair has cracked or maybe you need some fixing for your master bedroom. Echohousepainting the painting company is always here to help!

house interior painted in white color

Benefits of kitchen cabinet restoration

  • Save money- Why spend a fortune on a new set of kitchen cabinets? You can invest that money in some of your hobbies or some much more important things. If you choose kitchen cabinet restoration you will end up paying less than half the price of a brand new set.
  • Save memories- Would you have the soul to throw out the cabinets where your children used to play hide and seek? Or do you remember when your boy put your strainer on his hand and took your biggest lid and wooden spoon because he pretended to be a knight? Remember when you heard annoying noises from the kitchen, and there were your little ones playing drummers with your pots and pans?
  • Boost up your mood- Do you feel like your days have become monotonous? The kitchen is where you spend most of your mornings. Why feel bored and dull when the sun comes up? With a little change, and some small wood repairs. With the right color, you will see that kitchen cabinet restoration is one of the best ways to boost up your morning energy.

Can I revive my home with some small wood repairs around the house?

Definitely yes, you don’t need the fortune to change the atmosphere at your home. It is enough if you fix your furniture around the house, maybe give them a fresh coat of paint. You cant imagine how much of a difference it can make. Freshly painted tables, chairs, any other piece of furniture, can give the impression of new. By choosing restoration and some small fixes for your broken or old furniture, you do not only boost up your whole home but also save a lot of money.

Echohousepainting can help you to bring your house back to life. Our team of experts has one hell of a lot of patience and gives so much attention to detail. This is what small wood repairs need, they are also working with the highest quality products and paints in Massachusetts.

Can I just restore my furniture or do I need to paint the room too?

You can easily just freshen up a little your furniture, it’s faster and easier than painting the whole room. But, on the other hand, we highly recommend giving a room a new coat of paint too. You will not achieve the same effect if you leave your walls uncovered. If there is a long time since you haven’t painted, you for sure have here and there some marks and stains on the walls. Maybe a crack or two on the ceiling. So how do you think will look the “brand new” furniture pieces with the stained and cracked wall?

Not so good. This is why you can always come to Echohousepainting. If you want kitchen cabinet restoration we can give you a fresh coat of paint on the walls too. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details!


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