If you are looking for cabinet refinishing ideas you need to hear us out, because we are the Boston’s best company for Kitchen services. Why do we say this?

Echohousepainting is a painting contractor, both for exterior painting and interior painting. We offer clients qualitative services in Boston and other locations around MA: Weston, Arlington, Brookline and Wellesley.

Our team consists of professionals ready to apply all their knowledge to bring your vision to reality. Our customers are our number one priority. For this reason, we ensure that all the details you provide are listened to and implemented with lots of care and attention. It is very important to us that you feel welcome in your own home. For this reason, we will be at your disposal every time ready to share our ideas and consider any other opinion or adjustment you want.

No challenge is too small or too big for us. We guarantee that we are the best in this field and that you will not be disappointed with the way we approach each project and the services we offer. If you have any questions or concerns about anything, contact us! We are always ready to answer and to help you with any concerns you may have!

Do you need cabinet refinishing ideas from the best house painting company ?

Let’s find out together all about your kitchen cabinet refinishing from the experts at Echohousepainting. Why is the kitchen refinishing so important?

First and foremost, the kitchen must be a room that gives you a sense of security and that functions in a correct way. Replacing all the furniture of such a room can be very expensive both in terms of price and time.  Refinishing a piece of furniture is much cheaper and faster.

Another advantage of this type of service is that you can customize everything to your liking, starting with the color and ending with the desired style. It’s the perfect way to add personality to your kitchen.

You can take advantage of the following cabinet refinishing ideas that our team is presenting to you:

  • White cabinets
  • Vintage cabinets
  • Country Cabinets
  • Rustic Cabinets
  • Vibrant colored cabinets
  • Black cabinets


Here is the entire list of painting services we can offer you

If we are being honest with you, you should know that we don’t just offer you excellent painting jobs. Our team of professionals also extend their services to commercial painting, power washing, deck restoration, window glazing, or gutter maintenance. Each specialist has certifications in their own field of work, so, in short, we provide you with the best services. It’s time to make a change and transform your home into the masterpiece of art the neighbourhood where you live.

What are the services you can take advantage of at Echohousepainting?

  1. Exterior painting
  2. Interior painting
  3. Commercial painting
  4. Power washing
  5. Cabinet refinishing and refacing
  6. Gutters and downspouts
  7. Wingow glazing
  8. Deck restoration

Cabinets refinishing and exterior house painting services

The exterior painting services involve a rather lond and well-prepared process by our experts, precisely to offer you the best works. Let us explain to you what is the process you have to go through when you choose to have such services.

  1. We have to meet, don’t we? We know how busy this century we live can make you be, but regardless of how we see each other: online or physically, it is necessary. Why? This way we get the details right and we can get down to business!
  2. We are curious to know what your opinions are. It is very important to know what your expectations are.
  3. We start the consultations! We must be sure that the entire project file has been designes to your liking.
  4. We want your opinion. We will consult with you every step of the way, so don’t like or where you feel changes should be made.

We want your home to turn into an explosion of beauty and elegance.

It’s time for you to make a change for your kitchen cabinets

You will always be welcome to contact us and tell us your wishes and visions related to any project you would like to start with us. Contact us and we promise you will not leave disappointed!

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