If you want to save some money on professional Metrowest painting services, you should prepare the room ahead of time. 

Painters work best in a clean, clutter-free environment that is well-protected against paint spills. Doing this before they arrive relieves them of part of the burden, so all they have to do when they arrive is tape, drape, and paint. So here are 3 tips.

Clear the room before the professional Metrowest painting company arrives

As a homeowner, you may save them time and money by preparing the area ahead of time. Remove anything that is hanging on the walls that you do not want to be painted around, such as shelves, paintings, bulletin boards, or any other decorations.

Remove everything breakable off the surfaces of the room, including lamps. Assuming they aren’t your primary light source, you should put them away or relocate them to another room to keep them safe while painting.

After that, move the furniture away from the painting area. You may be able to move it to the center of the room in certain circumstances. However, if the room is tiny or has a lot of furniture, you may want to transfer it to another room completely. 

You need to provide room not just for ladders and paint materials, but also for the painters to work safely. Finally, cover everything left in the room with a drop cloth, tarp, or plastic to protect everything from splatters and spills.

Get the walls ready before the expert Metrowest painting firm arrives

When the rooms have been cleaned, it’s time to start preparing the walls. Fill nail holes and tiny dents with spackling compound first. Then, to smooth it out, gently sand the area after it’s dry. When the repairs are finished, vacuum the walls with an extension hose and a broad brush, or wipe them off with a moist sponge. 

If the walls are oily or filthy, use a solution of grease-cutting detergent and water to clean them. Then, to eliminate any residual detergent, rinse with clean water. Allow the walls to dry completely (at least 24 hours) before the Metrowest painting company comes to your property to start the work.

If feasible, plan your painting project for a period when the humidity is low and the temperature is between 60 and 80 degrees. This not only allows you to keep the windows open, but it is also the ideal temperature range for the paint to dry. This will aid in the drying of the paint and the reduction of smells.

Spills must be cleaned after the painting job

What if you uncover paint splatters after the painters have left? Most experienced painters take precautions to avoid splattering and to clean up any spilled paint. However, if certain inspections are missed, it is simple to clean.

Wipe away as much paint as possible using a cloth or putty knife. Then, in a spray bottle, combine one-half teaspoon dish soap and one cup of warm water. Squirt the stain on the spill and then wipe it away. If there’s a big spill, wet vac it, then spritz with soapy water and clean it up.

Of course, expert painters will not leave a huge mess after themselves. In spite of that, you will have some cleaning touch-ups to do after any painting job.

Why you should choose a full service of professional Metrowest painting?

Even if you want to save money now, you have to think of the outcomes in the long run. Of course, you can empty the room but can you cover anything with a precision of an expert painter? 

And yes, you can fill some small nail holes, but do you know what products to use for the type of your home? Or do you know how to professionally fix a big crack or a mold spot?

Prepping the walls is one of the most important parts of any painting job. So if you want durable results and save money in the long run you must hire professionals to do it! 

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