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Looking for deck repair services in Westwood? Your deck is one of the essential places in your home. It is the place you share with your family and friends during the warm periods of the year. Perhaps you even install comfortable outdoor furniture, managing to make a stunning dinner corner, or also equipped it with summer kitchen furniture so you can cook there.

You have to preserve wood and boards for long-lasting life. EchoHousePainting provides a broad specter of home improvement services in Westwood, MA. If you are looking for local deck repair services in Westwood, we are here to help you with that. We’ll help you with taking good care of your patio area to resist summer storms or snow during winter periods. EchoHousePainting is one of the leading deck repair companies in Westwood, MA. We know how to transform a ruined deck into a stunning and weather-resistant place.

EchoHousePainting offers a valuable range of wood deck repair services that include:

  • Surface scraping – dirt, pebbles, and old paint removal;
  • Wood power wash – before applying paint or stain, the surface is entirely power washed;
  • Sanding the surface – this process is applied on areas to prepare a smooth surface;
  • Staining and painting – an essential part that will define the look and protection of the deck.

Deck repair services will improve their appearance. A high-quality staining solution will increase the lifespan of the wood surface. A professional specialist knows how to apply staining correctly to avoid wood moisturizing and keep away insects and rot damage.

We offer a wide range of stain colors for deck repair services in Westwood.

We, at EchoHousePainting, recommend and use professional stain colors from Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore. Sometimes it is hard for our customers to choose the right paint color from various options of neutrals, bold or natural-looking wood stains. We suggest finding inspiration on Pinterest and others.

Here is a trick when you decide which color suits your house: sometimes, the natural wood stain will make visible the wood grain. A solid color will hide all the imperfections of a natural wood looking. Mix and match the deck’s color with the exterior house painting surface.

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Your deck lifespan requires renewal staining periodically. Re-stain depends on different factors like:

  • In the long term, direct sunlight, or rain will damage it. If you treat the deck incorrectly, wood will soak the water. Freezing and low temperature will cause cracks on the surface, and wood becomes weaker.
  • When a qualified specialist applies excellent stain over your deck’s area, it will show no wear signs for an extended period. The dye will not show any sandpaper surface during the next several seasons until you will need to restore it.

A freshly applied deck stain is going to protect the space for at least three to four years. Preserve an excellent looking deck by using a new coat every two years or so. These actions will keep wood strength and in excellent wearable condition.

Make your deck looking stunning by combining two colors of paint. Our specialists at EchoHousePainting use acrylic paint to give an unusual and more playful look. Before applying acrylic paint, the whole surface should be covered by a primer layer. Combine natural-looking wood with acrylic painted rails. We also suggest our clients use two-tone stains for a traditional row wood look.

When did you re-stained your deck last time? Let us know if you need to apply a new coat to refresh your floor.

Feel free to give us a call if you are planning deck repair and restoration.




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