Planning a renovation is not easy. Many times, it can be hard to take a decision about an investment that big. Luckily, if you choose to collaborate with us, we will let you know about the costs of the renovation, before starting anything. Also, everyone gets a personalized offer, depending of many factors, that will be discused in the following. So, if you’re interested, just keep reading..

Why should you let only professionals handle your home renovation?

         First, are a few things that you need to understand. Making a renovation, like an exterior or interior house painting may seem like an easy job, a job that you can do all by yourself, but you might be fooling yourself.

Restoring your home doest not mean that you only have to re-paint everything. There are a lot of issues that can come up during a renovation, hidden problems, and sometimes if you are not a professional in the field, things can get tricky. So, that is why you should definetly reach our to our Newton house painting company as soon as possible!

Our professionals can take care of anything, without you having to worry about something going wrong. For example, our specialized exterior painters Wellesley MA are experts in the field. They will take care of any preparations before starting the process. You will leave your house on our hands, and we guarantee that when you will come back, everything will be just perfect.


What happens after reaching out for us?

         Well, first of all we will plan a meeting in person at the house that needs to be renovated. We need to asess the situation and the conditions of the house. For example there may be some deteriorations of the wood, rust stains or a lot of types of damages which need urgent fixing. Taking these into consideration will help us make an accurate price offer and duration of the process.

After making the plan of the project, our professionals are ready to begin the work as soon as you want. You don’t have to prepare anything beforehand. Everything will be covered so that no dust, paint or chemicals can reach you things. We will cover even your trees and flowers! You will find all of your things just like before.

We will keep in touch during the restoration, and we will inform you as often as we can about the progress on your house.


The steps of the renovation

The first thing we do when we get to your place is asessing the situation. After that, we ensure that all of your things are protected, by covering them, and the last step is to start the work.

For exterior pantings, firstly we have to prepare the wood or the masonry. The wood will be prepared using different techniques, depending on what we find. If we find rotten pieces, we will replace them; or maybe the wood is dirty, so we power wash it. The masonry will be treated the same way, taking care of any damages.

After that, it is time for priming the surface and then to apply the paint that you chose beforehand. The paint will be applied in at least two coats, so that we ensure a perfect coverage. And because of the best quality products that are used, we have a 7 year warranty on the work that we perform.


 Why choose our company?

Choosing the best company is not an easy task, and many people tend  to pick the cheapest option. For us, our clients are the priority, so if there is a budget that needs to be taken into consideration, you only have to let us know.

Sometimes is better to make a more expensive investment, rather than a very cheap one, because the price rellies on the quality of the work and the materials done. So maybe, by choosing the cheapest option, your restoration will deteriorate after 2-3 years. Meanwhile our renovations last up to 7-10 years, and the first 7 years are guaranteed by a warranty.

If we still have not convinced you to pick us, we are waiting to give you even more detalis and information whenever you want. All you have to do is to call us or reach out to us over a social media platform!

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