As you probably know, Arlington has a beautiful history that is not going to be forgotten even in this modern world. The history stays every day alive in the beautiful landmarks across the town. If you have a property here too, and you would like to keep the history alive, contact our professional painters in Arlington!

Why do you need professional painters in Arlington?

Well, this town is known for many things. Such as the location of the first public library and the birthplace of Uncle Sam. It has played a huge role during the Revolutionary War and there are many more events that have marked this town in the past centuries.

We can observe here a lot of different architectural styles that combined create the character of the town. There are a lot of Colonial-style houses, the oldest dating to 1695. We can notice in the town Shingle and Gothic style architecture. As well as, Queen Anne style architecture, Romanic, Italianate architecture and many more styles. 

All of these different styles need different products, paint, and techniques during renovation. You need a specialist who has worked previously with historical houses. The older buildings need much more care and attention than the modern ones. So if you are planning on renovation, call professionals! Hire Echohousepainting! Arlington painters are here to help you get your dream house. 

How can help you with our professional painters in Arlington?

As we said, for historical houses you need professionals who have experience in this field. And there are a lot of painting contractors near you to choose from. But rarely can you find a house painting company that knows how to work with historic landmarks. That is why you need us!

Over the years, we have worked with numerous historic houses, with different architectural styles. Such as Colonials, Victorian houses, Cape Cod, Gambrel, Gablefront houses, Ranch, Split-level houses, and many more. So we have gained a lot of experience working with different styles. 

And we know how to fix areas that need fixing without causing more damage to the house.

We also know which product is best for each style. We work with different techniques that are specific to each type of building. W use only high-quality paint and products. We can advise you on the colors that go perfectly on the building and many more. 

So if you have a historic house and need renovation, call us now!

What are the services provided by our house painting company?

Well, for starters we provide residential interior painting. We prep the walls with attention, because this is the most important step when painting. Then we help you choose a color and then make your living room look stunning!

We, also do residential exterior painting. Just like interior painting, we first prep the surface. Meaning that we clean the exterior walls, fix the damaged areas, and cover the surrounding areas to prevent paint splashes.

On the other hand, we provide interior and exterior painting services for commercial buildings. So if you own a restaurant, a medical cabinet, a shop, an office, or any other commercial space, feel free to call us!

We also do power washing. If you want to make your front yard or back yard look shiny we come! We use power jets to remove dirt and different residues around your home. Is a simple, fast, and effective way to make your home shine again!

Need a shiny home? Our painters in Arlington will make it happen!

Because we love our planet so much we are also doing small wood fixes and repairs. So if you have an old kitchen cabinet or a broken piece of furniture, don’t through it away! We can fix your furniture and make it look brand-new. That way together we can help the planet too!

Because for making a new piece of furniture you need much more materials, then for reusing an old one.

We also do window glazing and more services. If you are curious about our other services just call us and we can talk more about them over the phone! And if you are wondering about the costs of the services, you can complete our form on the website and you will get a free estimate!

So don’t forget to hire professional painters in Arlington!

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